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Benefits of Back2Basics A2 Ghee

About us

Back2Basics is committed to spreading awareness and making available the unique health benefits of A2 protein milk from our farms that are dedicated to provide all our patrons pure and fresh produce. Our endeavor is to promote only the indigenous Gir cow breed, a rare native Indian breed and follow sustainable practices.

Apart from the milk We produce pure Back2Basics Ghee which is also made from A2 protein milk of Pure Bred Gir Cows,. We follow Authentic, Traditional, Ayurvedic method of making Ghee, as practiced by our Grandmothers.

Back 2 Basics Ghee is all about nutrition,love & and unflinching commitment to our proud , ancient, Indian Ayurvedic traditional wisdom.

Both our A2 protein Milk and Ghee are free from chemical and hormonal additives. We grow our own green fodder using dung manure and Bio pesticides from cows urine.

Back2Basics Organics LLP is a Limited Liability Partnership firm incorporated in Feb 2014.

Benefits of Back2Basics A2 Ghee

Our enzymatic, labor & time intensive procedure briefly entails:

Step 1:Pure A2 milk is curdled overnight into yoghurt

Step 2:With traditional wooden churners ,butter is separated from the curdled milk.

Step 3: Golden, granuled and aromatic Ghee is then extracted from butter at carefully regulated temperature .

All green fodder is home grown at our Private farms. Cows are happy as calves are given priority in milking. They are kept in herds & not on leash.

Gir cows manufacture A2 protein when their back is exposed to the Sun,which explains the peculiar protruding back vertebrae.

We believe our happy cows & our grandmothers recipe, are the reason for our magical Back 2 Basics Ghee that nourishes the body, mind & soul .

Benefits of Regular consumption of Back2Basics Ghee:

  • Decreases triglycerides & increases HDL
  • As the Ghee’s melting point is 37°Celsius, less than human body temperature of 37.2°Celsius, it doesn’t form arterial deposits.
  • Detoxifies & Therapeutic, used in Panchkarma Snehpana & Virechan.
  • Enhances Vitality and Metabolism
  • Helps in reducing obesity.
  • Immunity booster & potent in enhancing mental & physical strength.
  • Improves brain functioning & memory.
  • Keeps muscles supple & bones sturdy.
  • Nasal applications opens chakras, enhances eyesight & Improves sleep .
  • Aids in Digestion.
  • Highly recommended for all age groups, infant to elders.
  • Post Pregnancy - A must post pregnancy, Ghee is the single most Ojas producing food on earth according to Ayurveda.
  • Ghee for weight loss – Ghee is a healthy fat when consumed within limits. The medium chain fatty acids found in Ghee cab help in burning stubborn body fat while stabilizing hunger hormones and reducing binging.
  • Today leading dieticians, nutritionists and a host of celebrities are recommending ghee for weight management Effectively used in Keto and Paleo diets.

Back2Basics Ghee for Children

  • Your growing baby needs almost 1500 calories per day for optimum growth and development. Feeding Back2Basics cow ghee to your kid is one of the easiest ways to boost your baby's health.
  • Apart from using ghee in your baby’s food, the Back2Basics desi cow ghee can help treat several health discomforts. Heat a bit of Back2Basics cow ghee and a few cloves of garlic to cure your baby’s cold. Rub the warm ghee gently on your baby’s chest, to relieve severe chest congestion.
  • Back2Basics A2 protein milk is good for babies as it has a good amount of calcium, which is vital for developing strong bones, teeth and for muscle growth. It contains Vitamin D, which helps in absorption of calcium in the body.
  • Back2Basics A2 protein milk carries a high amount of protein which helps your baby grow. It also contains carbohydrates, that give your child the energy that they need throughout the day.

Our 2 retail outlets In Delhi

  • 1. Amatrra Spa at the Ashok Hotel
  • 2. The Altitude Store at Meherchand Market