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All About Our Organic Farm


Back to Basic Organics LLP is an A2 Milk producing firm with farm in Gurgaon.

We are slowly adding Gir cows & expanding our current farms most holistically, constructing housing sheds for the cows and upgrading our facilities. We grow our own green fodder by using the Dung Manure & Bio pesticides from the cows urine.

Our current production of A2 milk per day is being distributed after fresh milking in the morning and evening directly to households in Delhi, Gurgaon. Please note that we do not sell thru any retail outlet at the moment.

About Back2Basics Product

Back to Basics|Back2Basics|A2 Milk
Back to Basics|Back2Basics|A2 Milk
Back to Basics|Back2Basics|A2 Milk

Our Mission

Our Mission is just not to provide the A2 Milk but also to improve the breed & spread the nos of the Gir Cow in the Northern region. This way we feel we will protect our future generations by ensuring supply of A2 milk. We are using Natural Service for breeding as our Bulls are also being bred in our farm.



How is A2 milk made?

The single most important factor in producing our delicious A2 milk is to find the right dairy cows. We exclusively select GIR cows that naturally produce milk rich in the A2 type of beta-casein.

Why is A2 milk good for you?

Because A2 milk is rich in A2 beta-casein protein, it may assist with your digestive well-being. Many people who report that they have problems drinking standard milk brands, find that they can enjoy all of the benefits of dairy when they switch to A2 milk.

Is A2 milk for those who are lactose intolerant?

Lactose is a sugar in milk and A2 milk does contain lactose. However many people incorrectly believe that they are lactose intolerant when they could in fact be reacting to the impact of A1 beta-casein protein. Studies show that about 23% of people in Western countries have a perceived intolerance to dairy milk, while only about 6% are medically diagnosed as lactose intolerant and about 1% have an allergy to cows milk protein. Consequently, many people who were self diagnosed as being lactose intolerant report that they can drink A2 milk without experiencing discomfort.