• Back2Basics Ghee is all about nutrition, love and an unflinching commitment to our ancient, Indian Vedic traditional wisdom. We believe that our grandmothers' recipe, passed down through the ages, and our happy cows are the secret behind our magical ghee.
  • Our Ghee is made from the Pure A2 milk of our Gir cows.
  • We follow the Traditional Ayurvedic method of making Ghee. This painstaking procedure is enzymaEc, labour and Eme intensive as well as chemical free.
  • Our Ghee is prepared by traditional Bilona method. In this process around 30 to 35 kg of Curd is used to make just 1 KG of ghee. It has all the properties as described in Vedas and Ayurvedic Shastras.

Our Ghee making procedure entails the following:

Step 1: Pure Gir Cow A2 milk is curdled overnight to make curd.
Step 2: With traditional wooden churners, butter is separated from the curdled milk.
Step 3: Golden, granuled and aromatic Ghee is then made by simmering this fermented butter at a carefully regulated temperature to remove milk solids and other impurities.

Since the milk solids are removed, it contains little to no casein or lactose, the two compounds in dairy that mostly can cause allergies and senstivities. Therefore making it a lactose free superfood alternative to everyday butterer and cooking oils.

We add Methi Dana / Fenugreek seeds as it enhances the flavour of the Ghee and also restores its flavour when stored for long duration.